Sarah Delaney: New Work and Process

Solo show held at The Aviary
637 East 15th Ave, Vancouver, BC

October 7 - 21, 2016

As a memory collector, an archiver, and a hardcore nostalgia junky, I know that there is no shaking a fascination once it comes. This interest in the world around me has shaped my practice. My work is an assemblage of where I have been and what experiences have stayed with me. For this exhibit, I have pulled together a sampling of a few things that inspire me. I considered the following questions when compiling my inspiration material: What do I paint? Why do I paint? How do I paint? Upon reflecting on these questions, I have uncovered a few prominent themes found in my work….



Recording In and On It

Solo show held at GAM Gallery
10 East Hastings, Vancouver BC

June 03 - 25, 2016

This exhibition aims to show the my personal relationship with thought and action, memory and touch. I use gestures of diverse motion, speed, scale and intent to steer the direction of the work within the moment. Drawing in and off of the canvas surface, each mark made becomes a sign of a tangible connection and departure. 

The work is made up of a variety of small reactions that illustrate my paths of thought and process, and in turn creates a visual narrative. I use drawing for it’s fragile and temporal qualities, and equate it to our relationship with the physical world. I am interested in the marks made as interactions with out surroundings. This includes the tracks, prints, and marks that we make as creatures of the human race, as well as the natural elements that overtime alter the state of the world.