The History of Here

Exhibit held at THE AVIARY
637 EAST 15TH AVE, Vancouver, BC

DECEMBER 11 - 17, 2017

I use my painting as a way of storytelling. In this collection of drawings I use abstracted marks and simple forms referencing the landscapes of my surroundings. My work embraces my relationship with the stimulating terrain of places I’ve visited. These drawings are my visual reactions and interpretations of natural patterns that I have observed. By eliminating a strong colour palette present in my past work, and by using primarily drawing techniques, focus is given to the monochrome markings. These markings mimics the sounds and movements observed in my daily life. The drawings, made up of overlapping tonal fields, clusters of organic patter, soft swooping lines, and bold points of interest, together create a fanatical map that describes an experience. I aim to create something that is somewhat familiar, but yet ambiguous. I am interested in the slightly mystic and abstract. I try to turned a lived experience into something tangible, painting my relationships to particular places and moments. …



The Casual Effect

Exhibit held at Back Gallery Project
603 East Hastings, Vancouver, BC

September 7 - 30, 2017

In The Causal Effect, her first exhibition at Back Gallery Project, Delaney continues her investigation into the temporal qualities of two-dimensional space. By methodically layering and combining various marks and areas of color, Delaney creates a visual conversation that invokes a subtle narrative while also alluding to her meditative process. Although they borrow compositionally from the fervor of action painting, Delaney’s works belie an intricate amalgamation of gestural strokes and forms, colors, and lines that the artist observes in her day-to-day…