Vancouver, BC
May 4, 2019


Crosstalk can be defined as unwanted transfer of signals between communication channels, such as when you can hear someone else’s conversation. This happens when signals traveling through adjacent wiring interfere with each other. These conduits of information run parallel to each other but are intended not to communicate. They are separate identities unless the phenomenon of crosstalk occurs. 

“I have always been interested in the philosophy of aesthetics, which studies how artists imagine, create, and perform works of art. It is essentially the study of perspective. I am most curious about the representation of what art could be. I use my own painting to ask questions about space, and try to uncover the layers of our existence. I practice the act of conscious watching and listening, trying to hear things that are mute and see objects that are invisible. I seek out window reflections, the movements of the leaves that signify wind, and the passing of light through shadows. I have made it a priority to be present, all in an effort to better understand the world. As like anything that you spend too much time at, this activity can become consuming….



Still Water Runs Deep

Fall 2019


This body of work was born with the change of season. Following Crosstalk, an earlier 2019 body of work that brought about personal admissions and deep reveals, I took a cue from Spring and welcomed change. Instead of focusing on small reoccurring and tedious details, I began looking at my art practice as a larger entity. This shift changed my methodology.

I spent the Summer months in and out of the ocean and freshwater lakes. I looked at water as a place of peace and calm. It became a vehicle for deliverance and beauty. Sometimes rough on the surface, there is always still water just below. A world unto itself, rich in wonder and healing powers …