The Fair Grounds

Solo show held at Gam Gallery
10 East Hastings, Vancouver BC
June 2010

My photo-based work can be described as a place between photography as documentation and as a constructed narrative. It is assembled through review into my archive of images. My always-expanding collection of photos are taken for the purpose of documenting my immediacy. My nomadic lifestyle fuels my desire to record my ever changing surroundings, in my my own community and afar. Through collage, the original version is tampered with, subsequently creating a new partially fictional version.

My work mimics the multi-faceted nature of memory. As time passes, moments become memories. These memories cannot be trusted as exact translations of the past. They encourage the viewer to question which parts of the image are authentic and which are contrived. I have become intrigued with idea of ownership. I have looked at a Vancouver community as both individuals and a common identity of people. I have chosen to focus on the devices used to pronounce the division of property. United in mentality and a collective goal, each landowner within a community marks their territory using barriers made of fences, walls, and shrubs. This work is a look at urban landscape and the significance of personal objects and property.