Abstract Art

I grew up idolizing the combines of Rauschenberg, the drawings of Twombly, and the sculptures of Hesse. I think I've taken for granted that abstract art has always been a part of my life. I've never had to struggle to understand it and I assumed everyone had the same emotional draw to these works. 

Well, it recently dawned on me that not everyone does. There is one lovely person in my family who is always trying to see an animal or make out a figure in my work. As though there are monkeys hidden on a 45 degree angle. She tells me that my work would do better if you could see things it in, like a landscape perhaps. This baffles me because most of my works are about landscapes. 

My work is about the wind and the rain and the change of seasons. It's about the colours I see and the tracks I've found. It's a story, a map, and a feeling of place. 
Picasso painted objects from multiple angles to create his abstracted work. I'm painting multiple sensations and perspectives to create mine.

ArtworkSarah Delaney